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Six Week Residency
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Whenever we help new labels enter the market, our aim is unearth the branding and identity that resonates in their target audiences ’s hearts and minds.

Through web design and branding, we establish and underscore every company’s unique store simultaneously solidifying the emerging brand identity and footprint. When we were tasked with finding, crafting and communicating Six Week Residency’s (6WR) story though web design on their new e-commerce website, we sought to accomplish precisely that.
Six Week Residency Lookbook Photo
Six Week Residency Lookbook Photo
1.1 Lookbook images of slim-straight denim in 5 year vintage wash

Founded by Johnny Jover, 6WR’s mission was straightforward: offer customers the quality and craftsmanship of a luxury denim brand, but at a much more reasonable price point than was currently available on the market.

To communicate their differentiated vision for a luxury brand in an oversaturated market—as well as to ensure the viability of their business—they needed to reach consumers and prospective retailers directly with their online presence. 

As such, a fully functional website that showcased their product quality and unique luxury branding ethos was a must. This website was to become 6WR’s touchpoint with their audience. 

Six Week Residency JeansSix Week Residency JeansSix Week Residency JeansSix Week Residency Jeans
1.2 E-commerce images of skinny fit denim

In our research we discovered that 6WR’s target demographic was hugely varied. On the strength of the simplicity of their product, 6WR’s audience ranged from 16-year-old trend seekers who stumbled upon the brand in their Instagram discover feed to middle age men searching for the perfect pair of weekend denim. 

Six Week Residency Campaign Image

1.3 Campaign image

Six Week Residency Campaign Image
Six Week Residency Campaign Image
1.4 Lookbook images of western and skinny fit

The other key challenge we faced was how to successfully demonstrate and communicate the fit, fabric, and first-class construction of 6WR’s denim, and how to overcome any prospective buyer objections and resistance to purchasing a new product online.

Building buyer confidence through design was paramount. Information on the product would have to be clear, accessible, and intuitively organized. 

Taking cues from successful players in different realms of luxury sector—eyewear, fragrance, other notable denim companies—we knew that it was essential to create a completely custom website design.

Due to the fact pre-existing, template websites could not be used as a departure point, we had start our design from scratch. 

Additionally, we understood that the website would have to provide just as elegant of a user experience whether navigating through a smartphone or a desktop. For any new brand launching today, the majority of initial relationships will begin on a social media platform, and from there move to the brand’s website. Designing with this experience in mind was essential.  

Six Week Residency Home Page Web Design
Six Week Residency Menu Web Design
Six Week Residency Search Web Design
Six Week Residency Home Page Web Design
Six Week Residency Collections Page Web Design
Six Week Residency Product Image Web Design
Six Week Residency Zoom In Web Design
Six Week Residency Check Out Web Design
1.5 Home Page, Drop Down Menu, Collections Page, Product Page and Check Out Cart

To help move customers through the sales funnel—and to acquire the brand’s first true fans—we offered all customers free shipping and returns on all orders, allowing new customers to personally interact with the product, but with minimal commitment on their end. 

Instead of a standard “About Us” page, we create an “Our Story” page, and gave it a significant amount of real estate on the home page. By giving visitors an opportunity to intimately understand the company and its story, we were able to reflect the true purpose and personality of 6WR, subsequently strengthening 6WR’s identity and positioning in the process. 

Every design decision was made in close collaboration with 6WR’s founder. A veteran of the luxury fashion industry, Johnny had a very clear idea of exactly what he wanted to communicate through his website, and we worked with him meticulously on every detail.

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