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S_LUTION, based in Vancouver, Canada was looking to create a contemporary wellness and home brand. Their first product was to be essential oils. Practice Practice worked with S_LUTION to help establish a clear, distinct brand, a streamlined e-commerce platform and a consistent message through key customer interactions. 

S_LUTION’s concept was to offer their customers a new way of thinking about wellness, natural health and home. Small changes can lead to large transformations and this started with scent.
Six Week Residency Lookbook Photo
Six Week Residency Lookbook Photo
1.1 Campaign photography

Their mission was to become more than a wellness brand. They want to communicate that wellness can be simple which makes it easy to practice everyday. Their approach was that you didn’t need to be into yoga, meditation, holistic health to enjoy essential oils. It could be as simple as enjoying the scent.

To do this they would allow individuals to discover if essential oils were the right fit for them through education and communication. This would be done through social media and their website.

To achieve this goal, the branding, identity and key message would need to differentiate them from their competitors. Many wellness brands constituted themselves with greenery, floral accents or the branding were almost non-existent. By bringing a design and fashion sensibility to wellness, they believed they can communicate the product more effectively and enjoyable to use. 

Spencer Badu Branding Logo Design
1.2 Custom logo type face
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Spencer Badu Branding Logo Design

The clients were first introduced to essential oils by a close friend. Neither founders would say they practice natural medicine or were serious into yoga and meditation. They would practice it on a daily basis but were not defined by it. 

Branding on various objects
Branding on grey sweatshirt
Branding on grey sweatshirt
Branding on grey sweatshirt
Branding on grey sweatshirt
Branding on grey sweatshirt

Since they were working in fashion, it was a fast paced environment with tight deadlines and they would work long nights. The essential oils helped ground them and create the right atmospheres for whatever they were working on. 

For example, in the mornings, they had told us they would diffuse sweet orange or lemon essential oils to create an uplifting atmosphere. During their brainstorms they would diffuse a blend of peppermint and rosemary to promote creativity. 

Six Week Residency Campaign Image
Six Week Residency Campaign Image
1.4 Campaign photography

They discovered that essential oils were an effective way to create the right atmosphere subconsciously. They described it as training the brain through scent. 

The name “S_LUTION” came from the exploration of what they were trying to create. It was a play on word of what the literal contents were but it was also an answer to a potential problem.

We first met with the clients at their home where they educated us on various uses and types of essential oils. Through this meeting we were able to gain a better understanding of the product and their mission. During this process we explored their story, how they wanted to sound and look to their ideal customer. We also wanted to explore an interesting way to display the product in a uniform way that would work with any environment. 

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1.5 Various bottle design

The logo we created was utilitarian, versatile and timeless. Since essential oils were going to be their first product into the market with more offerings later on focused around home, we did not want to limit what they could potentially do in the future. 

Building on the concept of uniform and researching it further, we created a label that would all look symmetrical when placed along each other allowing the type of bottle to distinguish the category of product. 

The label was also as versatile as the logo. It was not loud, or overpowering, but rather a subtle nod to beauty. We wanted the product to fit in any environment and compliment it rather than taking over. 

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Six Week Residency Home Page Web Design
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1.5 Home Page, Collection Page, Product Page, Detailed Product Page

The website design also had to reflect the way the label looked. We designed the website through grids and sections. The layout also combined the education aspect of the brand into each product page.

An obstacle of this uniform label was trying to transfer information on the label of the essential oil. Since the bottles were only 10ml, the label sized we had to work with was only 7cm x 2.5cm. Through many different iterations and elimination of information we were happy with the end result which communicated everything it had to without feeling cramped. 

Six Week Residency Campaign Image

1.6 Campaign image

Another challenge was communicating a modern approach to a wellness brand. This has not been explored with brands that were often associated with nature. Since the labels were minimal and modern, we wanted to speak about nature through the photography and packaging of the product. 

The key touchpoint of this brand would be for the website and social media. They wanted to start as a direct to consumer brand and then eventually branch out into wholesale. 

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