is an agency that provides branding, web design, strategy, creative consulting & art direction.

We exist where creativity, culture, and commerce meet.

We partner with clients to launch new brands and re-position existing ones to augment growth, reach, and profile. Our clientele includes entrepreneurs, designers, artists, musicians, publishers, and more. The breadth of our expertise is reflected in our portfolio, which spans sectors, disciplines, and mediums.

Collaboration is embedded in our core values. From concept to creation, we partner with our clients every step of the way. It is through the exchange of ideas and careful exploration of our client’s vision that we are able to create inspiring, enriching, and exciting creative solutions.

Regardless of scale or scope; everything we do embraces a specific purpose and is rooted in a close examination of  values, teams, history, and culture.

We believe in finding simple and broadly resonant answers to complex problems. Truly great, timeless design is at once commercially successful, artistically expressive, and culturally impactful. 

All great design is rooted within conversation. Let’s talk.

Clayton Chan Photo
Clayton Chan
Creative Director & Strategist
Ryan Davis Photo
Ryan Davis
Art Director & Design Lead


We believe the best way to hear about ideas are through a conversation. Contact us at +1-604-518-5333.

Feel free to send us a text or WhatsApp message as well.


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